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Band, Wire, Ring Saws for Rock Slabs or Glass

GDBS - Gryphon Diamond Band Saw

Gryphon Model C-40 Diamond Band Saw

You'll find this diamond band saw one of the handiest tools in your shop.

It works like a wood band saw to cut curves and other intricate shapes in your stone slabs or glass. Thos impossible cuts are made easy - simply guide the slab or glass and the saw does the rest. The diamond blade cuts fast and improved tension adjustment gives you increased control. You have one square foot of platform area. Coolant system uses tap water - no additives required. Reservoir measures 10" x 9". Circular band saw is 37" in diameter and .020" cutting width x .140" deep. Blade is guaranteed against breaking. (See complete guarantee on saw blade box.) Motor is 1/3 hp direct drive DC at 2850 rpm.

Gryphon Model C-40 comes complete with 1/3 hp DC motor, coolant system, diamond blade. Made in U.S.A. Limited one year warranty by manufacturer.

725-70-9800 C-40 Saw ........ Ship Wt. 17 lbs. ....... us$390.00

726-70-9801 Blade .............. Ship Wt. 1 lb. ......... us$ 99.00

726-70-9802 Blade Guide ...... Ship Wt. 1 oz ........ us$5.00

GDWS - Gryphon Diamond Wire Saw

Gryphon Diamond Wire Saw

Use this diamond wire saw to cut all those curves and intricate shapes in glass or slabs that you need for intarsias, Tiffany-style lamp shades, etc. It works like a jig saw with a round, diamond coated blade that can rotate 180 degrees as you cut. Blade stroke is 8400 per minute for fast cutting. You have a work surface 13 1/2" wide by 11" deep yet the saw only weighs about 20 pounds. Motor is a 1/4 hp DC 4200 rpm single speed. Comes with a LED light to illuminate the work area. Made in U.S.A.

The saw is designed for low maintenance and wear. Diamond replacement blades can be ordered in packs of three. Pace of replacement blade guards contains one upper and one lower.

Model OMNI-1 comes with 1/4 hp motor, lamp and diamond wire saw blade.

225-20-1900 ........ Ship Wt. 20 lbs. ....... us$390.00

226-20-1901 Pk 3 blades..... Ship Wt. 6 ozs. .... us$16.00

226-20-1902 Pk blade guards..... Ship Wt. 1 lb. .... us$5.00

taurusII - Taurus II - Diamond Coated Ring Saw

Taurus II Ring Saw

Set your imagination free with this saw that will cut any shape for you in glass, slabs of rock, metal or plastic sheets. Make that Tiffany lamp or sun-catcher without all the tedious conventional ways of cutting and grinding.

The secret is in the stainless steel, diamond coated ring blade of the Taurus II. The diamonds are all around the blade, not just on the edge, so that wherever your material touches it - front, back, left or right, it cuts, and it grinds as it cuts, leaving a smooth edge that requires little or no finish grinding. A real time and material saver.

The Taurus II is lightweight but built to last. Tank and grid table are durable plastic. The few moving parts require little maintenance. We've listed the parts that wear the most - belt and grommets.

The Taurus II comes with 5 3/4" diameter x .039 ring blade, 80 grit. Motor is 1/5 hp, 110 V 60hz with on/off switch. Durable plastic tank and grid table.

121-T2 Taurus II ....... Ship Wt. 14 lbs. ...... us$495.00

121-BO39 Replacement Blade ....... Ship Wt. 1 oz. ...... us$79.95

121-DB Replacement Belt ....... Ship Wt. 1 oz. ...... us$20.00

121-YG Yellow Grommet ....... Ship Wt. 1 oz. ...... us$2.00

121-RG Red Grommet .......... Ship Wt. 1 oz. ....... us$2.00

121-R-2 Bearings .................. Ship Wt. 1 oz. ....... us$5.45

Bearings fit inside all red and yellow grommets.

MKWG - MK Wet Grinder

Model MK Wet Grinder

Finally, a way to grind and polish surfaces on large specimens.

Shown above, the MK Wet Grinder features an adjustable central water feed that provides water to the grinding cup and polishing pads. Handle at left allows operator to control direction and pressure on pads during process.

The MK-1503 Wet Stone Grinder will achieve a high quality finish on almost all surfaces - flat, contoured, curved and even convex areas. The machine uses a diamond metal-bond cup for grinding, and a series of resin bond diamond sanding and polishing pads that attach with Velcro to the backplate. A central water feed keeps the polishing pads and stone wet. It's a messy process and should be done outdoors, but you'll finally be able to polish surfaces on those petrified wood stumps in your yard or on other large and small specimens.

Grinder has 110V/4.6 amp 3600 rpm motor equipped with ground fault interrupter. Lightweight, weighs 2.5 lbs.

Grinder comes with quick disconnect water feed, backplate pad, ground fault circuit interrupter, carrying case. ORDER grinding cup and polishing pads separately.

260-153967 - MK1503 Grinder ...... Ship Wt. 4 lbs. ....... us$549.00

262-155684 - 4" grinding cup ......... Ship Wt. 1 lb. ....... us$109.00

Polishing Pads for Wet Grinder

MK Diamond polishing pads are designed to produce a high quality finish on almost any shaped surface - flat, contoured, convex or curved. Stone surface must usually be prepared first with grinding cup. You will be surprised how fast you can polish large specimens. Center hole permits water lubrication during polishing operations. Velcro backing allows for quick pad changes and grit identification. Pad diameter: 4". Shipping Wt. 8 oz each.

Grit Finish Velcro Color Order # Price
50 Extra Coarse Green 262-155116 us$44.00
120 Coarse Black 262-155117 us$44.00
220 Medium Coarse Red 262-155118 us$44.00
400 Honed Smooth Yellow 262-155119 us$44.00
800 Fine White 262-155120 us$44.00
1800 Very Fine Blue 262-155121 us$44.00
3500 Extra Fine Grey 262-155122 us$44.00
8500 Super Fine Tan 262-155123 us$44.00

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