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Sphere Machines and Accessories

spheremaker - Sphere Making Machine

Ask about quantity discounts!

Heavy Duty Sphere Maker Magic Module

The two module sphere machine above shows arbors in a horizontal position. The hand cranks can quickly change this angle up or down as needed. The head too is easily adjusted in or out to keep proper pressure on the sphere as it is ground down to final form. You will appreciate the ease with which these necessary adjustments can be made.

NOTE: In the photo above, an aluminum pizza pan is shown as a grit drip pan. We don't furnish drip pans as almost any flat pan or container will do to catch drippings off the sphere as it's being ground.

THE NEW BASIC "Magic Modules"

Each "Magic Module" utilizes a 1/3 HP two speed (1725/1050 R.P.M.) motor with reliable belt reduction drive to power the heavy duty ball bearing arbor. Use the slow motor speed (about 160 R.P.M.) for grinding and the high motor speed (about 240 R.P.M.) for faster polishing. These speeds apply when using silicon carbide grit or polishing powders. Standard speeds for the lap machines are higher (same motor but different pulleys), as the laps are normally used with magnetic discs rather than loose abrasives.

By using different bases and other attachments, these Magic Modules provide the power for the different machines. Each "Magic Module" is of heavy duty welded steel construction with a durable powder coat finish to keep it looking good for a long time.

The magic is in the versatile design of the individual modules. Link two or three modules together and you have a sphere machine capable of making spheres from marble size up to about 12" in diameter.

When used as a sphere machine, the modules are connected at the base. A two-cup machine will produce excellent spheres and is generally the most used version. A three-cup machine is sometimes preferred, because it can complete the preliminary grinding faster while the two-cup will produce a more perfectly round sphere.

Each sphere machine includes cups for making 3" to 4" spheres. Grinding cups are inexpensive pipe fittings and can be obtained wherever pipe fittings are sold.

The Peg Attachment, listed below, is a handy accessory for use with the two-cup sphere machine. It is designed to promote an oscillating action in a two-cup configuration, thus reducing the need to make constant angle adjustments on your unit.

NOTE: Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Magic Module Two-Cup Sphere Machine

Includes two Magic Modules each with sphere machine type base, one base connector, one water drip cup, two plastic cups, two cast iron cups suitable for a 3" to 4" sphere, two adapters to 3/4" pipe thread. No grit pan.

100-MM-200 ........ Shipping Wt. 150 lbs ......... $1450.00
100-MM-200-C ..... Crating Fee ......................... $ 100.00

Magic Module Three-Cup Sphere Machine

Includes three Magic Modules, each with sphere machine type base, one base connector, one water drip cup, three adapters to 3/4" pipe thread, three plastic cups and three cast iron cups suitable for 3" to 4" sphere. No grit pan.

100-MM-300 .......... Shipping Wt. 220 lbs .........$2150.00
100-MM-300-C ...... Crating Fee ........................ $ 150.00

Basic Magic Module

Use the basic Module to convert a two-cup sphere machine into a three-cup version. The Model MM-100 Basic Module comes on a sphere machine base with hand crank. No Cups.

100-MM-100 ............ Shipping Wt. 75 lbs. .......... $750.00
100-MM-100 ............ Crating Fee .......................... $ 50.00

Peg Attachment

For use with two-cup sphere machines only. Promotes oscillating action.
101-MM-PEG ....... Shipping Wt. 4 lbs ........ $60.00

Please write info@gemstoneworld.com or call 253-588-2350 (Tacoma, WA) for quotes on quantity orders.

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