We’ve compiled a list of useful links to gemology and mineralogy resources for your reference here. Do check them out for yourself! – An interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

Mineral Rock Mine – Get some of the world’s best minerals,rocks,and fossils here at great prices !

Simkev – Check out Simkev for the finest micromounts from worldwide localities.

Alexstrekeisen – The largest Italian portal of optical petrography! Very descriptive pages on mineral phase with high resolution photographs! Designed for students of geology, petrography and geology enthusiasts.

Minerals of the Alps – Site dedicated to the minerals of the Alps, find a range of specimens here!

Geonord – Popular Sweden site featuring a world wide mineral link collection. Lots of informative resources covering minerals and the likes!

The Gem Shop – Over 40 years in the running, this is your one true stop for lapidary, minerals, rocks and gems. Ideal place for the rockhounder!

African Gemstones – Looking for natural, facet grade gemstone rough? Look no further, find videos of cutting gemstones, making jewelry and other tidbits of information here as well!

Westerwolde rocks – Interesting dutch site for fluorescent minerals lovers

Wildfishgems – The ultimate source that features exclusively natural untreated gemstones.

Crystal-rhodopy – Check out high quality mineral specimens from Bulgaria! – Great kid educational resources covering a wide range of geology related topics.

Quadrature – Custom jewelry manufacturer, and production of lines of jewelry for boutique stores and brands. Specialized craftsmanship in the gemstone trading capital of the world.

Obsessed Over Stones – Get information on the properties and symbolism of colored stones as well as the latest trend in gemstone jewelry.

Emeraldmine – Find out more on Columbian emeralds here in Ronald’s blog!

Studiopjj – The blog of gemstone analyst, P.J.Joseph, and his multidisciplinary take on a variety of other topics.

Jewelry, Minerals and Gems – This online shop for jewelry, various gems and minerals offers detailed information about different gems and minerals, historical facts about precious pendants and a large selection of magic jewelry. –  Pages on geology, mineralogy, mining, rocks, ores and related topics of the Spessart.

Anthony de Goutière – Graduate Gemmologist who specialize in the photomicrography of gemstone inclusions.

Crescent Gems – Direct supplier of fine gemstones and jewelry from Sri lanka. Fast shipping , affordable prices and high quality products.

FREDIANI – Precious Stones – Didier Frediani is a dealer in gemstones, a gemologist who frequently travels to find the most beautiful gems.

Thierry Chauvier – A site dedicated to gemstones, discover the world of gemstones here. – Free gemology database to better understand and identify gems, syntheses & limitations.

FireAgates – A large selection of masterly cut and polished fire agates. – Mineral related website for all collectors, geologists and mineral enthusiasts.

MAR-gems – Your competent partner for a wide range of real colored gemstones, synthetic, artificial, reconstructed and imitated jewelry stones at wholesale prices.

Rumineral – A range of items made of stones and minerals for sale – a pyramid, a casket, an egg, a ball, beads, bracelets, tumbling and many more.

Zuan Shi You – A diamond news and blog in the Chinese language.

Spirals of light – Gemstone jewelry which are handcrafted with love.

Kamnelybi – A comprehensive blog about the processing and collecting of stones and minerals.

Amberabg – A virtual museum of fossil insects, shells, fish and spiders in Baltic amber.

Texas Jewelers – A statewide organization of retail jewelers who serves to promote the general welfare, standing, and prosperity of the jewelry industry in the state of Texas.

The Mineralogical Record – The mineral collector’s knowledge base to acquire quality content.

Mineral Magazine Lapis – Monthly magazine about mineral books, crystals, mineralogy and precious stones by Christian Weise Verlag, Munich.

Crystal Mont Blanc –  A fantastic blog on crystals and other minerals by Philippe Dufrêne.

Mineraux et gemmes – Information and photos on gem size and gemology in French.

Web Mineral – This massive mineralogy database contains information on more than 4,000 individual mineral species descriptions.

Minerals, Their Constitution and Origin – An amazing book that provides an introduction to mineralogy, recommended for those who are interested in the fields of geology and materials science. – Fine Zambian minerals and gemstones for jewelers and collectors looking for natural and fair traded stones.

Mineralsites – Rocks and mineral collecting websites directory

Opal Stop – Genuine Opals and Opal Jewelry Direct From Our Opal Mines. Loose opals and quality opal jewelry manufactured from their own source of opal, available in both Gold and Silver. Excellent value from well established and respected opal miners.

National Geographic – Great reference resource with tons of high resolution photographs.